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Hailing from the vibrant New York City music scene, the Brooklyn-based band SKYY emerged as a prominent octet in the late 1970s, firmly establishing their place in the world of disco, R&B and funk. SKYY's original lineup featured vocalists Denise, Dolores, and Bonné Dunning, along with the musical talents of Solomon Roberts and Anibal “Booche” Sierra on guitars, Larry Greenberg on keyboards, Gerald Lebon on bass, and drummer, Tommy McConnell. Under Randy Muller's and Solomon's guidance, the group signed with Salsoul Records in 1978 and embarked on a journey that would mark them as a distinctive force in music. SKYY's music is an eclectic mix, ranging from sweeping funk tracks and dance-oriented cuts to gentle ballads, showcasing their versatility. In 1981, they struck gold with their first  #1 R&B chart-topper "Call Me," catapulting them to both national and international recognition. Their immense talent continued to evolve as they moved to Capitol Records in 1986, where they experienced new success with their hit song "Givin' It (To You)." Their 1989 album, "Start of a Romance," produced two R&B chart-toppers, "Start of a Romance" and "Real Love." The band's last studio release, "Nearer to You," came in 1992, capping off their successful illustrious recording career. In 2023, SKYY reunited after a 30-year hiatus, re-energized by their fans' and friends' encouragement and the memory of their late drummer, Tommy McConnell. Their return signifies a mission to introduce their timeless music to a new generation. SKYY's enduring legacy as pioneers of the Post Disco sound and their unique blend of disco, funk, dance and  R&B,  continues to resonate, ensuring their place in music history.

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